The institute offers 4-years Diploma-in-Engineering courses in the following technologies:-

  1. a) Architecture and Interior Design Technology.
  2. b) Computer Technology.
  3. c) Electromedical Technology.
  4. d) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Technology.


The above mentioned courses are divided into 8(Eight) semesters. Each semester is of six months duration. The result of the examination from 1st semester-3rd semester is declared from the institute and the examination papers are examined and scrutinized by teachers within the institute. Apart from these, the result of the examination of 4th semester to 7th semester is declared by BTEB and examination papers are examined and scrutinized by teachers of different institute arranged by BTEB. According to the BTEB Syllabus a student has to attach to an industry as an apprentice for training in 8th semester to have real practical knowledge prior to job.

BBPI has been operating Diploma in engineering courses in two shifts since 2010-11 session: first shift from 8:00am to 1:15pm, while the second shift from 1:30pm to 6:45pm. The enrollment capacity for each shift is 600 students. Technology wise breakdown is as follows:-

i) Architecture and Interior Design Technology - 120 Seat

ii) Computer Technology  - 240 Seat

iii) Electro medical Technology  - 120 Seat                   

iv) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning 120,            


The qualifications for admission in the first semester is secondary school certificate (SSC) or its equivalent securing at least GPA 3.5 including Mathematics with same GPA. 3.5. Both male and female candidates are eligible for admission but some seats are preserved for females, freedom fighters dependent and tribes with a certain special ration as per government’s preservation rul