Administrative & Academic Accommodation

The main campus including two large five storied buildings, two storied buildings is now accommodating the class rooms. Office, Library, Workshops and Laboratories.


Residential Accommodation

It has only a one storied “Banglo” for the principal and a 4 storied building for 4th class employees.


Play Ground

The institute has a little playground of half an acre land having facility only for mini Football or Hockey or Cricket or Volleyball or Badminton and other outdoor games & Athletic.


Workshop and Laboratory

The Workshops and Laboratories are rich and well equipped with modern machines and instruments that grasp excellent opportunity for the training of the learners with practices to make fit for the industries. Requisite amount of money is provided by the government every year to keep the workshops with industrial development of the day.



A library consists of well selected up-to-date texts and reference books preserved in it institute. Current trade, industrial and educational journals are also available for the use of the students, staves and teachers. The Library is kept open after institute hours to enable the students to study according to their conveniences.


Medical Centre

The institute has a medical centre having a post of a medical officer and a compounder to ensure the health of the learners. It has now a compounder but no medical officer in service having a prospect to have one for near future.